Taking the Pulse: Unusual Leftovers

By March 18, 2017The Spirit

Agent 1317: …so you were there?

Lawrence: Yeah. But it’s all cloudy. Like, I don’t remember half the stuff, like I was drunk or something.

Sarah: (woman entering holding a tray) Green cup for Mr. Agent (smile) and black one with 3 sugar cubes for you honey, just how you like it!

Lawrence: Th.. thanks Sarah.

Agent 1317: Thank you. Mr. Sol, when the alarm went off, where were you?

Lawrence: (silence)

Agent 1317: (cough)

Lawrence: (drinks tea, shaking)

Sarah: Lawrence…

Lawrence: I can’t…

Sarah: We’ve been over this.

Lawrence – I know but…

Agent 1317: It’s okay Mr. Sol, it’s perfectly..

Sarah: (turns towards Agent 1317. [Eyes.emot : anger, intensity : 78]) No!
(Turns to Lawrence. Hand on Lawrence. shoulder. [Eyes.emot : fear, intensity : 35, Body.emot : happiness, intensity : 40])

Sarah: You need to do this. Please! I’m gonna leave the room, so you two can talk. Please Lawrence…

(Lawrence.Eyes.target : floor, duration : 143)

(door closes)

(music from the other room increase; now 50dB)

Agent 1317: (coughs) I don’t want to push you here…

Lawrence:  I heard the door open! I heard the fucking door open! I’m stupid, fuck I’m so stupid!!! I could’ve gone there, could’ve stopped it all, if I wasn’t so fucking stupid. I-I-I (stutters)

Agent 1317: (interrupting) What happened Mr. Sol?

Lawrence: (teary eyes) I thought nothing of it, just some squirrels, you know? I didn’t mean for all this…

Agent 1317: (raised, deeper voice) Lawrence. This is not your fault.

Lawrence: Yeah, yeah… I stood there. After a minute, lights went out, so I started walking to control room… I tripped on something, so I pulled a flashlight and… (gazes through Agent 1317)

Agent 1317: Was it Jeff?

Lawrence: (begins to sob) He… he didn’t even have his gun out!!! He was just dropped there in that tiny room, killed by some fucker, and I did nothing to stop it! I froze…

Agent 1317: You did nothing wrong. You experienced a  horrible thing.

Lawrence: I finally turned my head. Some cameras weren’t working. But I saw him. He was moving to the boss˙s room.

Agent 1317: What did you do?

Lawrence: I rushed there. I knew a faster path, so I thought I could close in on him. My ears were filled with noise.

Agent 1317: Did you hurt him?

Lawrence: (starts breathing heavily, talking fast) I slammed the door open, my gun out and everything… But I stepped in the pool of blood, looked around and there was boss… Shot against the wall.

I heard the glass break and I instantly shot there, without looking. They told me I got him, they found blood… But he has already escaped.

(breathing starts to slow down)

Agent 1317: Thank you Mr. Sol. You were brave! We’ll catch the murderer.

Lawrence: (stares into a spot)

(song stops, sob is heard through the door)

Agent 1317: (leaves a card on the table)

Agent 1317: Goodbye, Mr. Sol! I will let you know if we find something.

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