Taking the Pulse: God bless you, Miss Harper!

By May 13, 2017The Spirit

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Updating process.env.CHAT_URL
{“line”:”763”, “file”:”main.js”, “entity”:“lisParvati; ghost.dog”, “channel”:”private”, “time”:“23.14”, “level”:“admin” “status”:”hidden”}
Updating process.env.CHAT_URL
Users with admin role already exist; Ignoring user privilege ADMIN_PASS
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{ channel.private }

<lisParvati [23.14]>

> that’s an awful thing to say! :simple_smile:
> but… i did laugh
> so that makes me at least half as awful

<ghost.dog [23.16]>

> Three quarters as awful. It scales with height.

<lisParvati [23.16]>

> ha-ha
> for all you know, i could be 6’5’’ :winking_smile:
> so… why let him go?

<ghost.dog [23.18]>

> Who?

<lisParvati [23.19]>

> matthews. security guy
> i got the debrief

<ghost.dog [23.23]>

> He wasn’t a threat. Didn’t see my face.

<lisParvati [23.24]>

> he was armed, tho
> and you had him at gunpoint
> why risk it?
> i mean don’t get me wrong

<ghost.dog [23.24]>

> Did they really follow through?

<lisParvati [23.24]>

> i’m glad you did
> he’s an ankle biter
> who? management?
> yeah. i mean they have a whole department for that
> analytics, cleanup… quality assurance :simple_smile:
> n&w value their service
> we get to follow your every move, Jiro :winking_smile:

<ghost.dog [23.28]>

> You could get in trouble for telling me.

<lisParvati [23.32]>

> shit
> i dunno
> i could get in trouble just for talking to you off the grid
> but it’s a private channel
> they can’t track everything, right?

<ghost.dog [23.33]>

> We would’ve probably known by now.
> How do I rank? On your quality scale?

<lisParvati [23.34]>

> ho-ho
> is that a touch of vanity i’m reading here? :simple_smile:

<ghost.dog [23.34]>

> Professional courtesy.

<lisParvati [23.35]>

> well, you still work for us, don’t you?
> i gotta run now
> been nice talking to you, Jiro

<lisParvati [23.35]> left channel.private

<ghost.dog [23.41]>

> It was a pleasure, Miss Harper.

{ [End of transcription:
^croot@chttl:nakashima&webber-ba4f62wd3093bf:~hat.chat# nohup node main]  }

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