Taking the Pulse: Blood of my Blood

By July 22, 2017The Spirit

Agent 1317: Mr. Azzaki, would you like some coffee or tea before we start?

Mr. Azzaki: Cup of Ujicha, thanks. Your colleague told me it˙s something about Jiro, my son. Right?

Agent 1317: Yeah Mr. Azzaki, that˙s why we are here. We are trying to find out some stuff about Jiro˙s life…  

Agent 1312: We’ve found some old photos from Jiro˙s childhood. We would really appreciate if you could tell us something about his youth period.

Mr Azzaki: Really dear memories… it’s been a long time since I’ve seen these pics… my boy… [Eyes.emot : happiness, intensity : 84]
Well, it˙s really hard to say that he had kind of turbulent childhood. He was pretty withdrawn, without any close friends. A very intelligent and clever child! As a new millennium kiddo, he grew up with all the newest technologies. Ahhh computers were my nightmare, haha… I couldn˙t get him off of it. If I remember well, Jiro really enjoyed playing outdoors with his mates. Hide and seek was his favorite. Only God knew where he was while they were playing in the neighborhood.
[Mouth.emot : happiness, intensity : 82].

Agent 1312: Were you familiar with emotional relationships in his youth?

Mr. Azzaki:  Just a moment please… trying to remember, but… No, I can˙t recall any memory of his girlfriends.

Agent 1317: Your tea Mr. Azzaki. Some sugar?

Mr. Azzaki: Oh without sugar. Thank you, agent.

Agent 1312: Jiro finished College of International Security Affairs and Military course after that. Did you support his vocation?

Mr. Azzaki:  Almost 15 years have passed since Jiro graduated and started the military course
[Eyes.emot : satisfaction, intensity : 68]
That˙s the boy I believe in, that˙s the boy we invested in. He was a great student… and responsible soldier full of love for his nation, and country too! Every Japanese should be proud of Jiro˙s squad! All of them are great people and patriot. I have no objection to them.

Agent 1317: Mr. Azzaki, what’s the last thing you knew about Jiro˙s life? You haven˙t seen him in a while. Have you?

Mr. Azzaki: You are quite right sir.
[Eyes.emot : sadness, intensity : 97]
I think it was the end of 2032. hmmm… Right after Police privatization started happening. He went on vacation, visiting his mother’s birthplace…

Agent 1312: Sicily, right?

Mr. Azzaki: Yeah… And he didn’t come back to Japan ever since. Jiro has just informed us about finding a job in Europe. He mentioned that he had started a cooperation with an agency, but that was all. He never talked too much about work. I thought it was the consequence of a long military engagement, which he left 6 years ago. Maybe I am wrong, maybe he just didn˙t want to upset us…

Agent 1317: Mr. Azzaki, please look at this photo. That is the reason why we called you actually…

Mr. Azzaki: What˙s that? Who assassinated all these people?
[Body. emot : fear, intensity : 76]

Agent[1312]: Do you see the man who˙s shooting the others in these pictures? That is Jiro… He works as a hitman.

(Azzaki.Pupils : widespread, width : 154)

Mr. Azzaki: No, it can˙t be true… My son… my only child did those terrible things like you said?! I swear on my life it must be a mistake…
[Body.emot : fear, intensity : 77]

Agent 1312: Two months investigation proved that Jiro did it.

Mr. Azzaki: No, no! You must be very wrong… Blood of my blood to kill people for money… It can˙t be… I swear!
[Eyes.emot : sadness, intensity : 99]

Agent 1317: It˙s hard to believe Mr. Azzaki but inocent people on this photo were his fellows from the agency. He killed all of them, and we are trying to find out why…

Mr. Azzaki: You˙ve got to be kidding me. Jiro wouldn˙t do something like that EVER!!! He… is a quiet… and good person! My boy… no… NO! It˙s a LIE…

Agent 1317: You look weary Mr. Azzaki. Maybe it would be wise to take a break from this conversation for now. Obviously, we understand you’re upset, so let˙s continue after taking a rest.

Agent 1312: We really appreciate your selfless help Mr. Azzaki!

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