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By March 10, 2017The Insight

Hatchet is a singleplayer stealth action video game where you take control of Jiro Azzaki, hatchet man hired by Nakashima agency to assassinate contracted targets. Hatchet directly reflects mode of your own playing and there is an opportunity for everyone to mix different performances such as stealth, hacking and action/combat, or to keep just one throughout the whole game. According to the technique you build, the skills are growing so you are able to do something faster or to use certain gadgets. Beside this story of a modern assassin, there is one more, let˙s say substanital plot – Would human race consciously allow merging with Androids just because we have emotions.

Set in middle of the 21st century, Hatchet is influenced by Cyberpunk genre, aesthetically as well as functionally, and it`s in God`s eye perspective. Hub, where Jiro Azzaki lives alone, is his own isolated world and the only connection with the outside is the internet.

We hope Hatchet will be released on Steam in the second half of 2018 but the project, as well as the Kickstarter campaign cannot be finished without your help. Support the Hatchet!

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