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By January 24, 2017The Insight
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Namaste people! Dharma Games team is starting with the development of PC games and the very first one will be Hatchet. It˙s a singleplayer stealth-action game influenced by Cyberpunk genre, set in the year 2036 where you are playing a role of main character Jiro Azzaki who works as a hitman.

Through the different types of levels and targets, you˙ll be able to upgrade your skills in combat, stealth and hacking which simplifies and extends gameplay by using specialized gadgets or doing actions faster. Plot is also a vital aspect of the Hatchet, so you˙ll have to pay attention to your own choices. We are expecting Hatchet to be on Steam in the second half of 2018, but we won’t be able to achieve this goal without your partaking.

Dharma is an Indie team which consists of six game addicted people who are trying to release their own ideas and projects into the world of games. Hatchet isn˙t the only project we started, but it is the first one to be finished, definitely.

Feel free to share your experience and suggestions with us. Thank you for supporting Dharma Games and Hatchet!

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