About Dharma Games and Hatchet

What is Hatchet?

It˙s a single player stealth/action PC game in top-down perspective.

What is Hatchet about?

It˙s about a hitman Jiro Azzaki hired by Nakashima agency to assassinate contracted targets.

When will Hatchet be released?

We hope Hacthet will be on Steam by the end of 2018.

When will the demo of Hatchet be done?

In the end of spring 2017.

Who are Dharma Games?

We are an indie game development team from Serbia.

Why do you make games?

All of us are passionate gamers, so we wanted to merge our skills with what we really love.

How many people work in Dharma?

Dharma is a team of 6 members.

How could I contact your team?

Send us an email on info@dharma-games.com