About Us

If 100 years ago someone had thought about creating some form of intelligence which would be far more superior than human intelligence, it could have been described as a nice sci-fi plot for a novel. Today, it is our reality without asking if we want it or not. A small group of enthusiastic guys somewhere on Earth is definitely happy about it (yeah right, that’s us), but also frightened about how the human intelligence will make the most of it.

Okay, we would have to say our team is far enough from misusing this powerful tool at least for two reasons: ethics and knowledge. Let’s forget these big goals and say that we are in this sphere of Artificial Intelligence because games are our passion. We are quite comfortable in this kind of abstract world and we are just trying to create our own, as best as we can.

Assembling Dharma games as a profound functional system that AI is, all of us have taken the responsibility for the part we know and do best. We are composed of common sense, knowledge, visual perception, social interaction, qualia and external world perception and if you think the name Dharma was chosen accidentally, you are wrong. It represents the last segment, a sort of mysterious energy, which keeps us in a good mood and makes us really happy about our progress. We hope you will join us and become the part that we consider to be substantial for Dharma games. To build up your confidence in our team, we think it would be nice to tell you why each of us are here.


Communication Peripherals

First thing carved in my memory about how much the communication is important is a story about an old fashioned lifestyle of the people of my village. I was a little kid and my grandpa took a walk with me through the village. Whenever we met someone on the road, he would start a conversation. I was very bored of it. I asked him why he talked to every person we met, and he gave me a lesson I remember even now. „Be sure that every spoken word you give to someone would be helpful. Every man on this planet needs to be a part of something. Give everyone a chance to not be rejected. It˙s hurts people.“ I am trying to apply his words to my work.

My favorite games are: Siberia, Dungeon Siege and Fable. Mountains are my great love, you can find me there when I am offline.


Perception and Visualization

My artistic story didn’t start when I was young, even though it is what I am doing now. First indication that I could be interested in art was at the end of high school. I knew I was falling behind everyone who was formally educated for this discipline, but it didn’t stop me. Lots of hours invested in extensive learning made me primarily aware of how I can improve my lack of skills. I am far from perfection but it is not the goal I am trying to reach. Everything I want is to enjoy each small progress I make. That is what keeps me in the art-story.

My top 3 games are: WarCraft 3, Hitman and DOTA2. My diagnosis is being a movieholic.


Logic Systems

My interest in games was born when I was a kid. My father rented a copy of Abe’s Oddysee, for which I had a week to play through. Learning English through the game and understanding characters that I am in control of was fascinating for me. In high school, similair thing happened when I discovered programming. The merge of these things I love – games and code – was something I’ve always aspired to.

Most influencing games for me are: Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, Undertale and Dark Souls.


Mechanical Apparatus

I am an oldschool guy in a modern environment. I knew that I would be a game programmer since I got my first 386. My mother taught me how to make a calculator. I am grateful that she was the one who introduced me to the basics of how games are made. Funcionality is the essence, so if you ask me, aesthetic should always follow. I like lo-fi things with good storyline or mechanic much more than the buckish and ornate things without substance.

Games which won me over for life are: The Incredible Machine, Antichamber and The Dig. Sci-Fi books are what I am also deeply into.


Architectural Systems

Being an introverted kid with an avid imagination and a penchant for digital arts made for an interesting childhood. I was very lucky to often have someone readily answer my curiosity. I gave my best to connect every piece of received information into a meaningful unity, and practice the ways to express the workings of my inner world. Video games are the sweet spot between experiencing and influencing, and also between structure and freedom. It’s where I feel the most comfortable.

Games I enjoy the most are: Planescape: Torment, Dishonored and Dark Souls. Playing bass guitar and raging on a microphone are my Zen moments.


Insight and Qualia

I never lead myself with the idea that all men on Earth have to agree on what is good, what is bad, what is nice and what is ugly. I strongly believe it depends on what you comprehend from your own experience. And when someone tells you that two things are the same, give your best to find some differences because your own perception is what you actually are. What I understand is that not even one of my compositions can induce the same emotions in people who had different experiences. Someone might hate it, someone might love it, someone might be indifferent and it’s totally ok, because that is qualia.

Titles I like the most in the gaming world are: Clive Barker’s Undying, Hitman and Prince of Persia. Man’s best friends, dogs, are my passion too.


External Senses

Whoever finds some similarities with this story can be free to help us as an external team member. We accept the whole community as one of us! It would be nice if you could help us as much as you can in the progress of making some interesting content. If you have an idea how to improve the narrative, characters, environment, music, graphics or some other field of our game, we are glad to hear it and collaborate with you. We won’t be a complete team without some external perception. Take participation in this project, we will appreciate that!