Stealth Action Game

Hatchet is a singleplayer stealth action video game where you take control of Jiro Azzaki, hatchet man hired by Nakashima agency to assassinate contracted targets. Hatchet directly reflects mode of your own playing and there is an opportunity for everyone to mix different performances such as stealth, hacking and action/combat, or to keep just one throughout the whole game.

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The Machine

Hatchet is made as a combination of 3 core gameplay elements:


Mechanism segment of The Machine initiates Stealth playing style. Remaining undetected is in clean assassin’s best interest.


Disrupting enemy’s technical reliance keeps you under the radar. Manipulating external assets, assuming control over enemy’s equipment or even minds is essential to neoteric assassin.


Hatchet leaves no assumptions. Decisive, precise slits bring rhythm to the cacophony of blood and violence.

The Flesh

Basic aesthetics of Hatchet include:


The nature of a system is a tendency for simplification, efficiency and perfection.


Withholding information is something you are presented. Field of vision restricts you, however it creates an urge to keep your awareness high.

Dystopian Cyberpunk

In the World that tends to focus on cybernetics and important scientific achievements it is easy to lose track of moral.

The Spirit

Important story elements of Hatchet are:

Artificial Intelligence

People no longer fear Artificial Intelligence. Is it frightening you?

The Institution

It˙s middle of 21st century, everything is owned by private sector, even the State˙s politics, armies and police forces.

Reason vs Emotions

This will be a real innerstruggle. You˙ll be in the situations where your choice affects substantial changes in the World.